About Red Cell

Red Cell is a curator, arts facilitator, and artist with 20+ years of experience and a noteworthy track record in contemporary arts and music non-profits. His motto: Create culture, don’t follow it.

Red is currently acting as Social Media Manager and Campaign Advertising and Promotion for the San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Show and American Indian Art Show as well as the Objects of Art & American Indian/Tribal Santa Fe.

Red acted as an Artist Liaison for the immersive experience company Meow Wolf, utilizing his love of researching and acquiring unique new talent as well as managing artist relations, always focusing on his belief in radical inclusion and equitability.

As a curator, Red employed his discerning taste to create The Process, a non-profit lasting more than a decade and bringing 300+ musicians, artists, and performers to Santa Fe, NM, many for the first time.
Red also co-founded The AHA Festival of Progressive Arts, which was the largest alternative arts festival in the southwest in its time.

Red served as Director and Curator of the MOV-iN Gallery, the only New Media and time-based gallery in the southwest, employing many recognized artists to create new work specifically for the gallery.
He also co-founded the Asia Now! Film Series with Tetsuki Ijichi of Tidepoint Pictures, bringing many contemporary and cutting–edge Asian films to North American audiences, most for the first and often only time.

In 2009, Red founded The End of Being, a website devoted to unusual art, music, and culture with a devoted following of thousands of weekly readers and an expert cadre of writers and contributors from around the world.

Along with artist JC Gonzo, Red formed the art-duo, The Product Division, who enjoyed the distinction of being the first Artists-in-Residence for the William S. Burroughs Estate. They also created RePortal, a time-based work of art which came in subscription format, and a first of its kind.

Currently, Red splits his time between Santa Fe, NM, and Istanbul, Turkey, where he is always on the look for unusual and unknown music and art.

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