Lectures & Interviews

Speaking with Lucy Lippard and Alysha Shaw as part of an SFAI Virtual Lecture Series in Santa Fe, NM 2011
Product Division Artist talk with Aurora Claverie at La Lucciola Résidence poétique itinérante, Tangier, Morocco, 2014
Interview with Sophia Wallace and JC Gonzo, 2013
In the KSFR studios, guest hosting with JC Gonzo, 2015
Interviews with Mary-Charlotte Domandi for KSFR at the link below

Santa Fe Radio Cafe interviews with Red Cell

Participating in the Bruce High Quality Foundation‘s symposium at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, 2011
The Product Division having high tea and conversation with Alex Gildzen and Rick Castro
Guesting hosting on Angie Reed‘s RebootFM show, Venus Rising, 2014